Thursday, June 30, 2005

Whoa! Unexpected!!!!!!

BBC NEWS | Technology | Women gear up for gaming invasion

Well, I'm convinced! A forward thinker has the balls to come out and say that women are the future of the games industry! He's a goddamn genius!

Like I said before, This happens every few months. Each time they list games women like: Zelda, Tetris, online Popcap stuff, etc., and note that one day there will be more female gamers than there are now. This article has the extra bonus of talking about the PMS crew or whatever, a group of "top-level" female gamers (What does that mean? They can play video games well?) who go to stores and talk to women about games while defeating men in whatever stupid FPS happens to be running. Check out the picture of the ladies in the article. Yes, I don't begrudge them the fact that they are as God made them, but c'mon. Are those three going to convince the Cosmo crowd that they need to kick a dude's butt in Battlefield 2? It seems a bit like Lou Ferrigno trying to convince me that scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby. I'd be like, "Yes, but aren't you hugely muscled and a former Incredible Hulk? I believe you because I'm scared of you, not because I'm convinced by your stance on scrapbooking."

Not that I'm afraid of Lou Ferrigno, mind. He's a pansy.

They keep at this so hard because they know that women have a lot of money and that women spend it on stupid crap like shoes and bills. They know that if they can get some women who play games to stand around in a gaming store, they can reel in other women. Do not be fooled: They're not after women because they think that entertaining women is a worthwhile goal. They're doing this because they know women have money they like to spend in the mall. The problem is that they're too cheap to do what they really need to do: Hire developers who will design games that are fun rather than ones that simply copy Doom. They spend time recommending fruit-ifying games when all they need to do is good-ify them.

The tinfoil hat in me suggests maybe these articles come out with such frequency and repetition because they're an attempt to try to tell female gamers that female gamers like games. But that's crazy talk!