Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Canada Further Embarasses the US

Ha ha, US. You've been owned.

Canada's House of Commons just yesterday passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriages but providing institutions a right to refuse to perform such marriages for various reasons.

This means that gay couples have a right to be wed, and that churches that disagree don't have to do the weddings.

My god. Rights are being handed out all willy-nilly here in Canada. It's obvious that we're all catching Teh Ghey up here, like we did with that horrid stomach flu a few months ago (man, that messed me up... but not as much as teh ghey!).

An important thing to note: The leader of the Conservative party up here has vowwed to fight this if his party forms the next government, but to do that he apparently has to go down in history as the first Prime Minister in decades to actually strip legal rights from Canadians. I have to wonder, is political suicide a mortal sin like the other kind?

Canada isn't perfect, I'll say that. But I look down at my home nation and I just feel ashamed. It's pretty clear that the US hasn't led the world in anything other than pigheadedness and intellectual denial for years now. Canada is among a handful of countries that realizes that no one is hurt by allowing gay couples to get married. I have yet to hear a single real argument as to why gays shouldn't be allowed to stand in front of a minister like the rest of us can. Nothing but hatred and ignorance stands in the way.

I understand that the law still needs Senate and Queen approval, but that those are essentially ceremonial steps.

I'm an American, sure. But today I'd be proud to call myself a Canadian.