Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Nomadic Peoples of Jesp

Jennifer Government: NationStates | Jesp | the West Pacific

The link above is to a page where you can see the progress of the Nomadic Peoples of Jesp. It's my nation in Nation States, an odd little web game about running a small nation, in my case, into the ground.

I figured it'd be awesome to start a nation and then make every horrible decision possible when presented with an issue. For example, I decided to make cannibalism legal and government-supported, I vetoed a restriction on hunting the water buffalo (my national animal) for food, I demanded that any gold reserves found in the nation be turned over to the government, regardless of who owned the land they were found on, and squashed a pitiful request for, well, less dictatorship in my governing style. Ha. Foolish imaginary mortals.

I find it interesting to watch my front page as it lists the failures of my nation. I imagine that this experience is far more profound than I'd like it to be, at least from my Canuckistani perspective on the US.