Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Whew. Back.

Well, I've returned from a week-long vacation to the root-place, where family tossed home-cooked meals at me until I could no longer stand up. I learned several things on my trip:

  • You must eat healthy snacks before you eat junk food.

  • Napkins go into the garbage can after you use them.

  • 5-year-old nieces are filled with useful information.

  • Not updating this site makes my traffic jump.

Seriously. I got my traffic report for last week, and for some reason I had a nearly 30% jump in traffic that week. I can only assume the following:

  • You folks are huge fans of gay people or Lorne Lanning.

  • You have multiple friends who are fans of gay people or Lorne Lanning.

Either one is fine with me, really. We'll see how traffic does next week.