Wednesday, February 09, 2005

HOUSE OF AWESOME!!!!!! has arrived!!!!!!

Check out this post. Scroll down to the bottom, read the comments. I'll wait.


Dude, I got spammed! Sweet!

Wow. I cannot contain how awesome that is, on so many levels. Let's take a look!

OFF TOPIC! Fun things to do....

Off topic! Nice of you to tell me! I'd never know that based on the fact that this post is attached to my weepy and sentimental Will Eisner death post!

On the other hand, Will Eisner was all about "fun things to do," so I'm not sure how off topic all this is.

Please Delete this post if this is not ok!

Not ok? NOT OK?! This is awesome! It saves me the effort of looking up URLs of BDSM and Inpirational Poster sites! Now I can get mt pr0n and p0stz0rz from the same place!

Inspirational Posters

At first, I thought this didn't fit with the other links, but now I am forced to imagine that these posters are less traditionally inspiring (like a pretty waterfall and rainbow with the word "Efficiency" printed under it) and more naughty (Like someone's face with a sack of marbles draped on it and the word "Teabag.").

Adult Sexo Novelties

That may be the funniest three words ever written. If it were four words, however, it'd have to compete with "Take my wife... please!"

Sex & Swingers Personals

House of Awesome!!!!!! would like to present a new service for those of you who obsessively visit my Will Eisner death post: Sex and Swinger Personals! Now when you're remembering one of the greatest comic book creators of all time, you can also get your hook up on. Just remember to wash up!

Free Online Poker

Online Poker isn't free. It cawsts folks lahk you an' me.

Poker cawsts a buck-oh-fahve.

BDSM & Alternative Personals

This iced the cake for me. Apparently, some computer marketer somewhere decided that House of Awesome!!!!!! attracts readers that gamble for free in between bondage-laden swinging sessions with their adult sexo toys under the watchful eyes of a poster that shows a moonlit glade and the word "Change."

Aside from the fact that it sucks, this is the best day ever.