Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Karl Rove Blackmails Senators

Read this.

I wish this blog had any real influence. Because I know the average American won't see this, and I think it's frightening.

The Bush Administration is putting political pressure on Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee in charge of investigating the administrations unauthorized wiretapping of American citizens.

This means that any Republican who votes that the White House acted illegally in wiretapping citizens without seeking court approval will be "blacklisted" and not given any support from the White House when they run for re-election in November.

These senators have choices, then: Vote their conscience, which in this case will tend to be to vote that the White House was in the wrong, or vote scared and toe the party line, getting these bastards off the hook for spying on American citizens and, at the same time, getting these gutless Senators re-elected in the future.

I fucking hate America.